heya, it’s the other part of Boopaloo PAD here, mrahPAD. my proudest accomplishment thus far in PAD is getting four uevo dioses max skilled, at (respectively) 37, 41, 28, and 27 skillups each on 4x. i’m an avid player who’s getting there, in terms of skill and ability to play, and i main ADQXQ with a side of ALuci for dark rows and Persues/Dios for farming capabilities. currently i’m exploring the ALB/Dios broken farming system and how to puzzle around the various roadblocks around it to farm various dungeons outside our skill and leader levels. (also various amounts of screaming at a burgeoning Myr team and panic over the heart cross meta in general).

i’m a mrah! and occasionally the other half of the content produced on this site! hopefully i don’t fail to deliver! it’s mrahPAD!

my PADherder is here: mrah
and if you wanna friend me, my friend ID is: 370, 373, 267