So Mrah and I were able to put Z8 down on farming status thanks to her and Studio Dean’s clever ideas for team composition. Around 2~ minute runs. That is awesome.

Team Composition

Team A

2948 2948 2948 2948 2012


2322 → 2948

(Mrah: This can be anything to protect against skill delays; I just happened to have the tans for Orochi.)

Team B

2903 2948 3045 2006 3037


2012 → 2903


F1: [P1] uses ALB (A.Ra)
F2: [P1] uses A.Ra
F3: [P1] uses Dios, swipe
F4: [P2] uses Dios, swipe
F5: [P1] uses Dios, swipe
F6: [P2] uses Anji
F7: [P2] uses Goemon
F8: [P2] swipes
F9: [P1] uses Dios, swipe
F10: [P2] uses Honjo
F11: [P2] 0 combo, [P1] Dios (SI), swipe

This is a nearly flawless farming team between the two of us, especially because it utilizes what we have in order to destroy this rogue dungeon. The first few runs when we were trying to figure this out were slightly rough chiefly because we started this when my Honjo wasn’t evolved yet and didn’t have the three SB’s. Now, the only small issue (not even an issue) is if RNG decides to spawn Red Pirate Dragon, Bartholomew, using Dios brings him down to like 20% and the next person has to kill. Not even an issue but it is something to improve upon! (Mrah: Mrah here, with more +ATK eggs we might be able to oneshot him. Dios/ALB suffers from the curse of strangled damage at full HP, which we almost always are at till F7, in this dungeon).

Buying this in the shop has the chance for a latent tamadra invade. We got a lot of fingers from it. It breaks the flow, but these little eggs become scrambled under the might of DIOS. I do enjoy how invades replace a floor so we don’t have to worry about it. We may need to sacrifice a pass if we end up in the wrong order, but no biggie.

I will admit there has been one run where I forgot to use Honjo. And we died.

Sorry. (Mrah: he’s not sorry).