This team composition is technically the most flexible and easiest build out of any of the rogue dungeons. Linthia as a monster is a green, farmable D.Kali with an extra side of poison orbs, making her both beautiful and deadly to play. She becomes a 100x leader when matching 5 Att. (4 + Heal) as well as poison orbs. Despite the fact that poison meta never quite took off, Linthia is still a strong monster to own and play.

Team Composition.

Team A

2948 2948 2948 2948 2012



Team B

2903 2948 2948 3037 1423


2012 → 2903


F1: [P1] uses A.Ra
F2: [P1] Dios
F3:[P2] Dios
F4: [P1] Dios
F5: [P2] Honjo
F6: [P2] uses ALB (A.Ra)
F7: [P2] 0 combo, [P1] Dios
F8: [P2] Dios
F9: [P1] passes, [P2] Grodin, Dios, kill

(Note: unless your team is fully hypermaxed, don’t pop dios before using A.Ra on F1 to save time. Cerberus on will do an attack of 25,438, and you won’t have enough HP to survive F5’s preemptive)

Mrah: Some explanation for this team: since this is a Dios/ALB team, it functions best at less than 100% HP (3.5x attack when not at full health). The first floor that we get hit is F5, by the dub-mythlits, which can be quickly healed by an accidental skyfall. ALB’s leader skill increases ATK and RCV by 2x whenever a skill is used, and as this is a button team, skills are used every turn. The 0-combo on F7 by Threedia guarantees enough of a health cut that a random 3-match heal skyfall won’t heal the team back to full, making sure our full attack multiplier survives.

Substitution notes:

Griffin can be replaced by any green enhance. With the new update giving GrOdin to clear awoken binds, I suspect the green enhance can be replaced with him. The only problematic part remains his autoheal awakenings, which could potentially ruin a run due to our team being at full HP. However, the first damage we take is on F5, and the intentional 0-combo on F7 should prevent healing back to full health.

The first A.Ra can be replaced by any mass nuke > 14,071 to take care of the dragon seeds on F1.

If you have an Anji (from the Kenshin collab, farmable defbreak = 0 combined with a 50x dark ATK), you could forego the A.Ra inherited onto ALB and use him on F5 (instead of Honjo) to kill the evo mats, then match on F6 to kill the PreDras. I believe with this turn order, there might be an extra pass involved from both P1 and P2.