This game is trash and no one plays it. Dupe Verdandi after literally getting her a few hours ago and two sherias. I have three now.

i need lasix because the salt is real.

Saved enough stones to roll again. Hoping to make up for this morning.


is there a heaven

Got enough stones to pull twice. Got andromeda and…


Rolled my third odin i am not even going to format this page (sorry yerds) from of realization that i’ve been abandoned by god

so i used to love this game, but this godfest is the reason why there is so little good in the world literally all chaos in this universe stems from The Godfest of Dupes. I’m pretty sure i can volunteer my body to science so they can figure out how i am still functioning after the instantaneous shock of salt in my system.

I guarantee there is a metaphysical roulette wheel that GungHo throws their cash-infused diamond gems into in order to focus all the salt in a godfest so that the negative energy can be directed into one lucky individual so the rest of their player base gets great cards. I will admit i would not be surprised if their 3 michelin star cafe @ GungHo HQ is staffed by Reco clones because they are that rich

Does karma exist? This is a question that I shall ponder.

The Godfest of Dupes

May my sins be paid.