It seems like C9 was harder than C10. This was probably due to the limitation of C9 being no dupes. Normally, we would stack Dioses, but having no dupes on an ALB team brought a new… challenge. It took us a few tries, but it eventually worked and I am glad. I never expected to be able to clear any challenge dungeon, but I am glad that I could do it all with Mrah!

Team Composition

Team A

2659 3119 2948 2075 2390


Something long on Armadel and Dios to protect against one of Persephone’s skills, which can skill delay you by 2 turns.

Team B

2903 2948 1423 2390 3105




F1: [P1] Use ALB to get rid of Ra AS, Perseus, kill (stall two turns or more to collect water and green orbs, thanks to Beyzul’s skyfall buff)

F2: [P2] Grodin, Ishida/Verdandi, kill

F3: [P1] Verdandi [P2] Dios

F4: [P1] Meimei, kill

F5: [P2] pass, [P1] dios, enhance, swipe