…or why the game hates me

Once upon a long time ago, I did a YOLO roll during Gala of Heaven for light monsters, because I particularly wanted Raphael but also wouldn’t mind adding to my light box.

My first roll–


My second and third roll–

Ra, and Indra.


Today, I did another YOLO roll, during Gala of Tides.

…I got Meimei.


SERIOUSLY, GAME, WHY. Dupe city is here, and you’re just giving me Meimeis upon Meimeis, taunting me with the lack of green jewels and my lack of the Chinese gods. it’s like, you don’t even care what the rates are, you’re just gonna give me a Meimei, nothing to it. Just, why. WHYYYYY.

THIS IS MY THIRD MEIMEI. (I’m still keeping her).